Welcome to the Hungry Edit!


My name is Amber and I’ve been following a low carb diet since 2017. Back in 2017, I followed a strict keto diet and had great results on my overall health. Throughout the process I grew to love low carb food. While I don’t always follow a strict keto diet, I still only cook low carb food at home! I do this because the I love the food and it helps me to feel my best both mentally and physically. The keto diet has taught me to include more whole foods into my diet and has challenged me to think of new and creative ways to make delicious meals. 

Through this blog I want to inspire you with creative low carb and keto recipes. I am a foodie at heart and part of my ketogenic journey compelled me to try and recreate my favorite restaurant dishes at home, such as the classic French dish Coq Au Vin. I am a self-taught home cook, so I am always learning and looking for new ideas.

It’s important to remember that I am not a healthcare practitioner. You should always consult the advice of your Doctor before starting a new diet. Anything that I share here on this blog is based on my experience with the keto diet. The main purpose of this blog is not for healthcare advice, but rather inspiration for low carb and keto recipes. 

Throughout my journey I have seen many people struggle with sticking to the keto diet. Many people can find that the low carb lifestyle is too restricting and labels food as good vs. bad. You’ll notice on this blog, that we do not categorize food as keto vs. non-keto. We still incorporate many higher carb ingredients such as carrots into our recipes. You’ll always be able to omit these ingredients if you wish, but we typically keep these ingredients to a minimum to keep the carb count low but to still add to the overall flavor as a dish.

We believe that almost any recipe can be modified to a low carb alternative. We hope that with this blog you’ll learn to have long term success on the keto diet without that “all or nothing mentality”. Follow me as I hope to show you that adding low carb meals to your lifestyle can be fun and delicious! 

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